GRADY'S RECORD REFUGE is a new & used record store located at 2546 E. Main St. in Ventura, CA. The store was founded in 2003 by Grady Runyan, who has been working in record retail, mail order, and distribution since 1983.

Grady's buys, sells & trades LP's, CD's, cassettes, 78's, 45's, DVD's, vhs, reel-to-reels, 8-tracks, laserdiscs, books, T-shirts......just about anything music-related. Vinyl is our specialty, with an inventory of approximately 40,000 LPs, plus thousands more 45's and 78's. Grady's selection is both organized and extensive, consisting of every genre known to man (and some that aren't):

Rock, Pop, Soul, Jazz, Blues, Psychedelia, Punk, Garage, Heavy Metal, Surf/Hot Rod, Rockabilly, Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Reggae, Dub, Electronic, Lounge/Exotica, Experimental, Classical/Opera, 20th Century, New Age, Soundtracks/Showtunes, Vocalists/Crooners, Easy Listening, Comedy, Childrens, Spoken Word, Poetry, Radio, Sound Effects, Gospel, Polka, Barbershop, Instructional, Educational, Patriotic, Private......

Our immense inventory allows us to keep our prices LOW, among the lowest you'll find in Southern California. Grady's has new inventory going onto the shelves EVERY DAY.

Grady's carries an impressive selection of NEW VINYL: new artists, reissues, imports, box sets, limited editions, mainstream and underground......and if we don't have it, we can probably get it. Grady's orders new vinyl from over a dozen different sources across the country, and we have SPECIAL ORDERS arriving every week. Our new vinyl inventory will soon be available directly from this site, please check back!

We also carry protective outer sleeves and replacement inner sleeves for your records, in 7, 10, & 12-inch sizes. Re-sealable Japanese sleeves are also available, as are record cleaning fluids and brushes.

Grady's stocks needles, cartridges, belts & other replacement parts for phonographs. We have hundreds of different needles in stock, ranging from antique to DJ.......we probably have yours! We also offer PHONOGRAPH REPAIR, and sell refurbished turntables and other used stereo components. We carry brand new Rolls phono pre-amps.

Grady's also provides a transfer service: we can transfer just about ANY audio format you provide to CD, including 78, reel-to-reel, and 8-track. We make high-quality vinyl transfers using audiophile Shure cartridges. This service is available THROUGH THE MAIL for those unable to make it to our store. Please contact us for more info.

And finally, Grady's professionally repairs scratched CD's, DVD's, and games. So if it's got a scratch, don't throw it out, bring it to us!